Tattoo Makeup 1944 Paris

Tattoo Makeup

Proudly wear the colors of 1944 Paris with the 1944 tattoo makeup!

L'Esquisse du Regard Duo Brown 1944 Paris is a metallic and matte eyeliner that will transform and highlight your look.

21,00 EUR

The texture is drier, which makes it easier to give volume, the lashes rise immediately with a long effect.

22,00 EUR

Makeup for the eyes 1944 Paris for tattoo makeup
Makeup for the lips and complexion 1944 Paris for tattoo makeup

1944 Paris BB cream N°2 SPF50 is a lightweight tinted cream with SPF50...

34,00 EUR

Instant healthy glow, a touch of freshness on the cheeks.

25,00 EUR

Mirror effect lip gloss, replumps and moisturizes.

18,50 EUR