New products 1944 Paris

New products
1944 Paris

New products 1944 Paris

Discover the latest 1944 Paris products.

1944 Paris is a French and independent makeup range. Our objective ? May women feel as free as they are beautiful. The quality of the products and the formulas combining cosmetics and care, place the brand in a Responsible Beauty approach.

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Ultra Shiny Glosses

The Ultra Shiny Glosse  with a hybrid texture, combining the shine of a gloss and the comfort of a nourishing oil without a sticky effect.

Ultra Shiny Glosses

Ultra Shiny Glosses

Ultra Shiny Glosses

Ultra Shiny Glosses

Ultra Shiny Glosses

Ultra Shiny Glosses

The Lip Care range

Prepare to shine with our lip night mask, our lip scrub for irresistible lips, and our three glossy lip balms! 💄✨

Lip Night Mask

Glossy Lip Balms

Lip Scrub

The vegan gel
Cabaret Collection

Make every day a spectacle with the Cabaret Collection!

It will immerse you in the world and effervescent energy of Parisian cabarets. Dare to be extravagance and sophistication with rich and captivating shades! 💅💫

Gel Vegan Julia

Gel Vegan Lila

Gel Vegan Nour

Gel Vegan Théa

Gel Vegan Sofia

Gel Vegan Alba

Tube Hand Cream

This hand cream in tube format with passion fruit is a complete moisturizing and repairing treatment.

Exotic Sun

Azure Scent

Flower of Kings

Summer Lemon

Tropical Passion

Forest Red

Scent of Innocence

Sticks Shadows

This Matte/Metallic Eye Stick is an easy-to-apply waterproof eye shadow to instantly enhance your eyes.

Fairy Stone

Pink Opal

Sun Stone

Smoky Quartz

Eye of Tiger