Flashy Eyes Makeup 1944 Paris

Flashy Eyes Makeup

Impress your friends and family with the Flashy eyes makeup!

Eyeshadow palette with gray shades.

38,00 EUR

Care mascara, volumizing.

18,50 EUR

L'Esquisse du Regard Duo Blue 1944 Paris is a metallic and matte eyeliner that will transform and highlight your look.

21,00 EUR

Makeup for the eyes 1944 Paris for flashy eyes makeup
Makeup for the complexion and lips 1944 Paris for flashy eyes makeup

1944 Paris BB cream N°2 SPF50 is a lightweight tinted cream with SPF50...

34,00 EUR

Instant healthy glow, a touch of freshness on the cheeks.

25,00 EUR

All-in-one: lipstick + blush
With its semi-matte formula and gloss finish, it provides natural coverage.

18,50 EUR