Makeup Rock 1944 Paris

Makeup Rock

You want an intense makeup with a purple mouth?
Make the Rock Makeup !

A creamy and easily blendable texture that perfectly melts over the eyelid, adorning the eyes in vibrant color.

27,00 EUR

With its ultra-precise triangular tip, the Medium Brown Brow Pencil defines and fills in brows.

21,00 EUR

Tinted gel for instantly thicker-looking brows.

20,00 EUR

Makeup for the eyes 1944 Paris for makeup rock
Makeup for the complexion and lips 1944 Paris for makeup rock

1944 Paris BB cream N°2 is a lightweight tinted cream with SPF50...

34,00 EUR

Instant healthy glow, a touch of freshness on the cheeks.

25,00 EUR

Mirror effect lip gloss, replumps and moisturizes

18,50 EUR

Vegan Nail Lacquer 1944 Paris has been designed to be the healthiest for the nails and the most environmentally friendly.

14,50 EUR

Makeup for the nails 1944 Paris for makeup rock