Makeup coloured eyeliner 1944 Paris

Makeup coloured eyeliner

Pink, green, blue, yellow...
Enhance your look with coured eyeliner!
Go for the coloured eyeliner makeup!

The BB cream SPF50 1944 Paris is a light tinted anti-UV cream with an SPF50...

35,00 EUR

An illuminator combining the best of powder, liquid, baked and cream formulas to provide extreme luminosity.

33,60 EUR

Mascara care, volumizer.

19,50 EUR

Makeup for the eyes 1944 Paris for coloured eyeliner makeup
Makeup for the lips 1944 Paris for coloured eyeliner makeup

A comfortable lipstick pencil with a matte color.

20,50 EUR

Plumping gloss finish. Light coverage, moisturizing.

22,00 EUR

The Vegan Lacquer 1944 Paris was designed to be the healthiest for the nails and the most respectful for the environment.

15,30 EUR