Makeup peach day 1944 Paris

Makeup peach day

Do you want a soft and romantic image ?
Achieve the peachy day makeup !

Eyeshadow palette with shades of peach.

38,00 EUR

L'Esquisse du Regard Brun Jalouse is suitable for all makeup.

17,30 EUR

A Brown Felt Eyeliner, with a precise and easy application.

21,00 EUR

Care mascara, volumizing.

19,50 EUR

Makeup for the eyes 1944 Paris for makeup peach day
Makeup for the complexion 1944 Paris for makeup peach day

1944 Paris BB cream N°2 SPF50 is a lightweight tinted cream with SPF50 and anti-UV protection...

34,00 EUR

Lydia Lip and Cheek Color is an all-in-one lipstick and blush.

19,40 EUR

L'Éclat de 1944 Paris illuminates the skin with a light pearly veil by offering a light and adjustable texture.

30,50 EUR