Tube Hand Cream

Les Crèmes Mains Tubes 1944 Paris

Tube Hand Cream
1944 Paris

As an invitation to escape and daydream, discover our 7 delicious and delicate scents in the form of hand cream in 30 mL format: instant comfort and pleasure for the senses.


A complete moisturizing and repairing treatment, it is composed of plant extracts such as Tsubaki oil from camellia flower, Argan oil and Avocado oil.

Tropical Passion

Treat your hands to an exotic olfactory escapade with our Tropical Passion scented hand cream, intoxicated by the delicious fragrances of tropical fruits!

Forest Red

Transform each application of our hand cream into an enchanted sensory experience with the scent of Forest Red, infused with the irresistible aromas of red fruits!

Scent of Innocence

Immerse yourself in an ocean of softness and innocence with our Scent of Innocence hand cream, captivated by the delicate scent of orange blossom!

Exotic Sun

Transport your senses to a sunny paradise with our Exotic Sun hand cream, an intoxicating fusion of tropical aromas that evoke warmth, beach and happiness.

Azure Scent

Immerse yourself in an ocean of freshness with our Azure Scent hand cream, a captivating blend of frangipane and monoi evoking the sweet scent of exotic flowers.

Flower of Kings

Elevate your hand care routine to royalty with our Flower of Kings scented cream, where notes of almond, jasmine and lily combine, evoking elegance!

Summer Lemon

Transform each application of hand cream into a real breath of summer freshness with the Summer Lemon scent, a blend of lemon and citrus fruits evoking carefreeness!

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