Sweet Candy Collection

Vegan Gel - Sweet Candy Collection - 1944 Paris

Sweet Candy Collection
vegan gel

Immerse yourself in an enchanted world where candy colors, shards of glitter and spring magic come together to create soft, colorful nails!

Discover the Sweet Candy Vegan Gel Collection!

Dixie Vegan Gel

Captivating and delicate, the glittery light blue Dixie Vegan Gel shimmers like the sunny sky, adding a touch of freshness to your spring style.

Lucie Vegan Gel

Lucie Vegan Gel adds an enchanting touch to your look, with its delicate glittery pink reminiscent of the first light of the day.

Amandine vegan gel

Radiate spring radiance with the glittery coral-colored Amandine Vegan Gel that evokes the freshness and liveliness of the season.

daniella vegan gel

Embrace the glow of spring with the glittery bronze Daniella Vegan Gel that adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your seasonal style.

maeva vegan gel

Enhance your spring with Maeva Vegan Gel in a glittery rose gold color mixing the floral softness of pink with the precious shine of gold, for a luminous style.

lena vegan gel

Explore the magic of spring with the glittery midnight purple Lena Vegan Gel capturing the captivating depth of the starry night, adding a touch of mystery!

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