Stick Shadows

Shadow sticks - 1944 Paris

Sticks Shadows
1944 Paris

This matte/metallic eye stick is an easy-to-apply waterproof eye shadow to instantly enhance your eyes.

Its waterproof formula offers makeup with splendid, pure and radiant colors. Easy to blend and highly pigmented, they combine exceptional color with great versatility, for impeccable results with absolutely no transfer.

Shadow sticks - Eye shadows - 1944 Paris

Fairy Stone

The Fairy Stone Stick Shadow in Gold brings a golden shine to your eyes.

Pink opal

The Pink Opal Stick Shadow in Pink creates an elegant look and brings a touch of softness.

Sun Stone

The Sun Stone Stick Shadow in Rose Gold color offers a warm and sophisticated glow to your eyes.

Smoky quartz

The Light Brown Smoky Quartz Shadow Stick adds depth to your eyes.

Eye of Tiger

The Bronze Eye of Tiger Shadow Stick allows you to create a look that is both warm and glamorous.


The Silver Meteorite Shadow Stick brings a touch of luminosity and elegance to your eyes.

Shadow sticks - Eye shadows - 1944 Paris

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