Sparkling Peach Look

Sparkling Peach Look - 1944 Paris

Sparkling Peach Look

Bright summer makeup, highlighting the complexion with a touch of warm color on the cheeks, eyes in pink and peach shades, voluminous eyelashes, and shiny lips in coral tones.

Makeup used for the sparkling peach look complexion: La BB Crème N°2, Le Rose aux Joues Corail Emoi

For the complexion

A luminous, natural base with a touch of peach blush for a radiant appearance.

la bb crème

Le rose aux joues
corail emoi

Makeup used for the eyes of the sparkling peach look: La palette La Jolie, Le mascara volume intense

For Eyes

Shimmering peach shades on the eyelids with a touch of delicate mascara.

la palette
la jolie

le mascara
volume intense

Makeup used for sparkling peach lips: L'esquisse de la bouche rose influent, la brillant gloss ultra alicia

For the lips

Glossy lips in soft peach tones for a sparkling effect.

L'Esquisse de la bouche
Rose Influent

le brillant gloss ultra

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