Radiant Gold Look

Radiant Gold Look - 1944 Paris

Radiant Gold Look

Luminous makeup highlighting a radiant complexion, eyes with warm, golden shades, and shimmering lips in pink tones.

Makeup used for the complexion of the radiant golden look: La BB Crème N°2, Le Voile d'Été Clair à Moyen, La Touche Lumière Nuance Dorée

for the complexion

A luminous, golden complexion, illuminated by a golden highlighter on the cheekbones.

La bb crème

Le voile d'été - clair à moyen - 1944 Paris

Le voile d'été
Clair à Moyen

Blush Liquide - La Touche Lumière Nuance Doré - 1944 Paris

La touche lumière
nuance dorée

Makeup used for the body for the glowing golden look: La BB Body Bronze

for the body

Pamper your skin with products that leave your body soft, hydrated and glowing, for beauty from head to toe.

La bb body

Makeup used for the eyes of the radiant golden look: Le Mascara L'Indispensable, L'Ombre Stick Pierre de Soleil, L'Ombre Stick Smoky Quartz

for eyes

Metallic eyes in golden and copper tones, enhanced by volumizing mascara.

Le mascara

L'ombre stick
Pierre de soleil

l'ombre stick
smoky quartz

Makeup used for glowing golden lips: Le Brillant Gloss Ultra Angèle

for the lips

Glossy lips in rosy tones for a radiant look.

Le brillant gloss ultra

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