Next New Releases 1944 Paris

The Next Beauty Gems - 1944 Paris

The next beauty gems
1944 Paris

Discover our new beauty gems soon! The Ultra Shiny Glosses combines the shine and the comfort, and the La Touche Lumière Blush to illuminate your face!

Ultra Shiny Glosses

The Ultra Shiny Glosses with a hybrid texture combines the shine of a gloss and the comfort of a nourishing oil without a sticky effect.

The Ultra Shiny Gloss

The Ultra Shiny Gloss

The Ultra Shiny Gloss

The Ultra Shiny Gloss

The Ultra Shiny Gloss

The Ultra Shiny Gloss

Hydra Mask

Discover the beauty revolution with our exclusive range of face masks “Les Masque Hydra”. Immerse yourself in a unique experience with 4 targeted actions.

The Hydra Tenseur Mask

The Hydra Expert Mask

The Hydra Glow Mask

The Hydra Apaisant Mask

The mask "jeunesse du regard"

Discover the Mask Jeunesse du Regard 1944 Paris: instantly hydrates, revitalizes and smoothes the eye contour. With its patch format, say goodbye to bags and dark circles for a fresh and rejuvenated look!

The blush
La Touche Lumière

La Touche Lumière 1944 Paris is a radiance-boosting blush that instantly gives a radiant complexion and lasts all day.

Rediscover the Pink and Peach shades and soon welcome the Bronze and Golden shades!

Pink shade

Peach shade

La Touche Lumière Bronze - 1944 Paris

Bronze shade

La Touche Lumière Golden - 1944 Paris

Golden shade

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