Les Essentiels Brushes

Les Pinceaux Les Essentiels 1944 Paris

Les Essentiels Brushes
1944 Paris

1944 Paris provides you with “Les Essentiels”, with five brush references. With these “must haves”, you will be able to achieve all your makeup.

Soft, easy to wash and with bristles.

The texture of our brushes allows for both good grip and good restitution of the material. It blends perfectly into your skin for a natural and luminous makeup result.

Brushes Les Essentiels Accessories 1944 Paris

The Powder

"The Powder" brush is perfectly suited to applying various powders, including blush, bronzer, loose powders and eye contour.

The Concealer

"The Concealer" brush is versatile, suitable for application and blending under the eyebrows, for dark circles, as well as for highlighting areas.

The Applicator

The extended design of " the Applicator" brush allows complete application of color and material in a single use.

The Powder Brushes - Les Essentiels - 1944 Paris

The Blender

The flattened dome shape of the “Blender” brush is perfect for working effectively on various areas of the face.

The Eyelashes

This rounded "The Eyelashes" brush aims to facilitate the creation of a smoky effect along the lash line.

Applicator and Eyelashes Brushes - Les Essentiels - 1944 Paris

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