La Touche Lumière

La Touche Lumière - 1944 Paris

Glowing Comeback :
La touche lumière

La Touche Lumière 1944 Paris is a radiance-boosting blush that instantly gives a radiant complexion and lasts all day.


Rediscover the Pink and Peach shades and now welcome the Bronze and Golden shades!

Shade Pink

Enhance your complexion with a natural, luminous rosy glow for a radiant day.

Shade Peach

Illuminate your complexion with a soft peach glow, for radiant freshness that lasts all day.

Shade Bronze

Evokes the sun-kissed warmth of bronze for a glowing, radiant complexion that lasts all day.

Shade Golden

Illuminate your complexion with golden splendor, for a radiant and long-lasting glow from morning until evening.

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