Emerald Green Look

Emerald Green Look - 1944 Paris

Emerald Green Look

Original makeup highlighting emerald green eyes, defined eyelashes, and intense lips in dark tones.

Makeup used for the emerald green look complexion: La BB Crème N°2

for the complexion

A light BB Cream for a fresh and natural complexion.

La BB Crème N°2

Makeup used for the eyes of the emerald green look: Le mascara volume intense, l'esquisse du regard duo vert

for eyes

Eyelids highlighted with a line of emerald green pencil and mascara for a captivating look.

Le mascara
volume intense

L'esquisse du regard duo

Makeup used for emerald green lips: Le brillant gloss ultra léna

for lips

Glossy lips to complete the sophisticated look.

Le brillant gloss ultra

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